ZipRecruiter: “How To Prepare Your Small Business for Black Friday”

These great tips are applicable not only for for Black Friday, but also for Small Businesses Saturday, and even Cyber Monday — for this year and next!

(Article originally published on the ZipRecruiter blog)

Graphic: Black Friday

By Maggie Glover | ZipRecruiter

The term Black Friday makes most people think of doorbuster deals, long lines at local department stores, and the news stories about extreme shoppers camping out the night before in a parking lot (or doing much, much worse) to get their hands on some discount items. But the name wasn’t coined as a reference to the doom that employees of retail stores might feel as the day approaches; it’s actually a reference to old-school, by-hand, accounting methods. A day’s sales that resulted in a loss for a business were recorded in red while a profit was recorded in black ink. When the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade began in 1924, the day after Thanksgiving became the official first day of holiday shopping season and many companies saw their records move from the red to the black as a result.

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of Black Friday and start your holiday season right. Here are ten tips for making the most of Black Friday with your customers. Good Luck!

Ten Tips for Engaging Customers on Black Friday

  1. Watch and Listen to Customers on Social Media. Some businesses make the mistake of scheduling blasts to their followers on Black Friday, forgetting the most valuable aspect of social media: customer insight in real-time. Customers are going to be talking about the holiday items they are most excited about this season with their friends and family, and probably even talking about Black Friday events they loved or disliked. Prioritize your social media time to review this valuable content.
  2. Study Big Companies and Replicate on a Smaller Scale. Of course you shouldn’t try to be the next Amazon. But why not take a deep dive into what big companies like Amazon and Nordstrom do to find out more about why their customers are or aren’t responding to their promotions. Chances are that you can apply learned lessons to your own holiday strategy.
  3. Get Mobile. You might be tired of being told that you need a mobile strategy, but this message has never been more important than during the holidays. So many customers will be spending their time on-the-go and waiting in lines. Small businesses can benefit from mobile-optimized content too, but you don’t need to have a fully optimized mobile site or app. Start small; try using a third party email client that automatically adjusts your emails to the reader’s device so all your Black Friday reminders are seen by the largest audience possible….

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