Cuero Record: “Downtown Cuero Continues To Grow”

Cuero Pecan House Café (Photo by <em>The Cuero Record</em>)

The newly opened Cuero Pecan House Café in Downtown Cuero
(Photo by The Cuero Record)

New Businesses Hoping to Bring Life to Downtown

(Article originally published in the August 11th, 2021 issue of The Cuero Record)

By Renae Miller | The Cuero Record

Over the past couple months, Cuero Main Street has started to grow piece by piece and new businesses are opening that hope to liven up the downtown area.

The Pecan House Café is run by the previous owner of Main Street Kaffee Haus, Annette Rath, who has now started working closely with Cuero’s Pecan House, hence the name change.

“We closed the original cafe during COVID, but could not open backup due to the size of the restaurant and capacity limits set by the state,” Rath explained, “so to keep all the workers we moved them over to our sister company, the Cuero Pecan House, and then over the months we decided to purchase this new building so our business could grow and to bring something new to downtown.”

Since the cafe and the Cuero Pecan House are now connected to each other directly, whatever is sold from the pecan house can be bought by the half-gallon, quart, pint, or ounces at the cafe, so customers can try what it is the Cuero Pecan House is making.

“If you want to go home and have a dinner party and you want the Pecan House signature chicken salad, etc. we can offer that to our customers here,” Mrs. Rath stated.

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