COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Grant 2020


In response to the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cuero Development Corporation has developed a COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Grant. This program provides grants up to $6,000 for businesses that have been significantly impacted by this pandemic and that generate sales tax.

This grant will focus on utilities reimbursement available for non-home based small businesses within the City of Cuero. Categories of eligible small businesses include: retail (storefront), restaurant/food business; personal care products (barber shop, nail salons, spas, etc.); art galleries and performance venue merchandising; and businesses included within the hotel/motel classification as well as RV parks within the city of Cuero. The Small Business Assistance Grant will reimburse the applicant for 75% of the applicant’s utility billing minus fees and taxes through the City of Cuero during the months of April through September of 2019 and will provide a maximum of $6,000. Renters may only choose from either the Rental Assistance Grant or the Small Business Assistance Grant.

Please refer to the application for a list of criteria businesses must meet.

COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Grant Application*
*(Updated 2020-06-01)

En Español – COVID-19 Solicitud de Subvención de Asistencia para Pequeñas Empresas

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