CDC, CTHM Seek Community Input on Pocket Park for State Grant Funding Application

Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum Pocket Park Grant Diagram

Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum Pocket Park Grant Diagram
(graphic courtesy Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum)

The Cuero Development Corporation is asking members of the Cuero community to take a brief survey conducted by the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum about the Pocket Park project that is currently underway adjacent to the main museum building. This survey will help the CTHM in its efforts to secure $150,000 in grant funding for the park from Texas Parks & Wildlife — an amount which will be matched dollar-for-dollar with a grant from the CDC.

The CTHM is canvassing citizens of Cuero and other stakeholders with the objective of learning what everyone would like to see in the park. Your taking the time to fill out the survey will convey the strength of the application to TP&W. Each member of the household can complete the survey. The deadline is August 12th, 2021. We appreciate your participation to help us make this project a success!

Take the survey and learn more, here…