A Message from the CDC: “Dance With Who ‘Brung’ You”

CDC Executive Director Bobby Seiferman

By Bobby Seiferman, Executive Director

“You got to dance with who brung you,
Swing with who swung you,
Life ain’t no 40-yard dash,
Be in it for the long run, you’ll have more fun.”

“Dance With Who Brung You” By Asleep At The Wheel

As the song says, you have to dance with the one who brung you. I’ve heard that admonition just a few times over the years from preachy kinfolks, politicians and promotion-minded newspaper publishers.

The mantra of homespun ciphering apparently never gets old and has been used by figures that were legendary and also by political hucksters who were also legends for all the wrong reasons — but memorable never the less.

University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal was fond of the phrase when referring to his playbook and his player roster. And how could you not refer to a guy as legendary as he who also stated, “Breaks balance out. The sun don’t shine on the same ol’ dog’s rear end every day.”

So as we prepare to celebrate the 245th birthday of this nation’s independence, we remember with reverence the ones that did indeed bring us all to the big dance. And hopefully, we will continue to cling to and venerate the things that have worked well and stayed true red, white and blue surviving the test of time. And the tests continue. But I would submit to you that tradition must remain and be nourished and coddled just out of sheer respect.

The Independence Days that I remember growing up were fraught with excitement, anticipation and yes, sometimes even a little danger. My dad always allotted a generous allowance to me and my siblings for fireworks. We looked forward to attending the July Fourth Firecracker high performance boat races in Palacios and popping those fireworks. As we grew older and started families of our own, we gladly continued the tradition of the annual fireworks extravaganza in a Clark Griswold kind of way. My own son worried more about me getting hurt than I did about him. Hey, he was worried about his old man. Still is.

So, successful economic development is dependent upon dancing with the one who “brung” you. Be a part of what has worked very well and be a participant in a vibrant Shop Cuero campaign. The Cuero business community continues to find its almost post pandemic footing. And with your continued patronage of Cuero businesses, that footing will be even more steadfast. Shop Cuero welcomes you with open arms.

Check out the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons at the City Library parking lot organized by the Cuero Main Street program. Spend more with Cuero businesses to bolster a healthy local economy. Many of the shops continue to offer curbside pickup for your convenience.

Your resolve to Shop Cuero will strengthen upcoming events like the DeWitt County 175th Anniversary Celebration in September, the return of Turkeyfest in October and then, of course, what the kiddies really look forward to, the award winning Cuero’s Christmas in the Park in November.

May your Shop Cuero experience sparkle as much as the July Fourth fireworks. And remember to swing with the one who swung you.

Also published in Sunday, June 27th, 2021 edition of The Victoria Advocate….